About Me

Me and Navajo
I was born October 30th and I hate holloween. I am an 19 year old loser.  My mom is my best friend. I love my animals more then anything. Cooking is something I enjoy. Nacho flavored Doritos and Tootsie Rolls are my addictions. I love to paint. I write stories, songs, and poems. I was voted most unique in high school. I have every Barbie movie. PlayStation 2 is the best. I read Twilight before it was big. (Go team Jacob) I'm going to college for Ayurvedic Medicine and hope to one day own my own business. I sleep with a stuffed Caterpillar named Legs. I believe in magick. I despise people who always have to be right. Boys get on my nerves and I personally think we should milk them for what they are worth and then burn them. I don't have too many friends but that's okay, more friends, more drama. I like to sing karaoke, and I am scared of feet.
Navajo and Precious

I don't get to see them much since I moved from my dads. But they are the most beautiful horses in all of the world. Navajo (the chestnut) is mine. He is the most gentle horse I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He loves to splash me in the water trough and he enjoys playing tag. Precious on the other hand is my dads and they are just alike haha. She doesn't like too much loving, and she's hardheaded. But I still love her :)

Patches and Nickey
Patches is a mix of a dalmation and deer hound. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but atleast he is in the shed :) He was gift to me from my parents on my tenth birthday, a month before they divorced. He makes the custest faces and is always under my feet. He's getting up there in age, and I'm heartbroken I wasn't able to bring him with me to my mothers. I miss him dearly. Nickie is a chocolate lab with the prettiest golden eyes. Shes very calm and she never makes a noise. She's happy just laying on the floor by the couch.

Funny thing Eddie is. When we first rescued him he did nothing but hide in the closet. Haha. Then on my 15th birthday, a week or so after getting him, he slowly came up to me as I was unwrapping presents. Ever since, he's been loud and all over the place and happy. He enjoys holding conversations with people and playing with his stuffed gingerbread man.


Sugar we found on the side of the road. Mom almost hit her, and she opened the car door to see where she was, Sugar just jumped in. So mom brought her home. Sugar is super sweet and LOVES to cuddle. She is happy to meet everyone and loves chasing squirrles. She sleeps with me and night, and she sneezes very cutely :)

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