Sunday, June 17, 2012

Computer Art

After church today I went directly straight home and began to work on an art project that is due later this week in my Fundamental Design class. My professor is super picky and has nerve to grab your artwork and move pieces around or draw on your sketch (that makes me one up-happy camper). So! As a solution for this small annoying problem I have done all of the cutting out at home. And Tuesday I will be able to buy the necessary backdrop. Once I get that I will 'rubber-cement' it down and turn it in. But here is the most important part :D

Yay Native American Radial Art

Today I learned that the Open Office download has a drawing program! Weeeeeeee. I'm not a professional, but being its my first go round I don't think I'm too shabby :D I'm also very excited and noob-ish.
Weee. Computer Art. (This is mine. Don't Steal >:l )

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