Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Corner

A couple of weeks ago I got this ~*~crazy~*~ idea to clean my room! I know, nuts. So after all the blood sweat and tears were over with I took photos. Welcome to my humble abode :)

Itty Bitty Room
I drew the tinkerbell on the wall when I was about 12 years old. Not to shabby huh? I need to figure out how to open up the room. The bed takes up like all of it! But that is a whole other post! Haha. 

Make shift Night stand

In case your wondering, the black box is the Typerwriter my loverly boyfriend Josh gave me! Well actually its just the box :/ The typewriter lost a screw or something so it does not work. Therefore Josh has it at his place and I have old notebooks in the box.

I am a box/container/holder fanatic. I love little cloth or plastic bins to put stuff in! The art on the wall is one I did senior yer of high school, it was actually put in an art show. 

I am very much a child at heart still, and always will be. If you look closely in the bins you will see Nancy Drew games (I have them all) and Barbie moves (I have them all too!). The little wire sculpture is a horse Josh got me while he was away in Florida.

This is the top of my bookshelf. The teddy bear is from my mom this Valentines Day. The floral cake stand is from Josh's mommy. The picture is of my papa. And the broken record is one Josh broke that I put back together.

If you want to know more about my house and projects I do, keep coming back! Also look out for my mom's blog Here:)

Or me and Josh's Here:3

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