Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I found an old box of photos under my mothers bed today. They included pictures from when mom was a baby to when I was 12. My heart was completely struck when I found photos of mom and dad when they were still together.

Mom, Peaches, Dad, and baby me

But lets start with all the photos I found of my beautiful mommy. I'm not completely sure why but she doesn't find herself that attractive. I personally think she is the most beautiful woman in the world, tied with grandma of course!


But my mother is pretty, funny, smart, and everything else under the sun. And mom might not be too happy with me posting this but I feel the world needs to know!
So say Hello to my mommy!



Mother the biggest gift of God to us
Mother the candle burn herself to light our life
Mother the other name of kindness
Mother who hold us nine month and suffer
Mother who feed us from her blood and milk
Mother stays sleepless all the nights holding us
Mother teach us how to walk and talk
Mother guides us and secures us
Mother loves us from start to end
Mother is mother no one can take her place  

Mom and I

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  1. Dear Amber, you are such an ahmazing, beautiful, witty young woman. I am proud to be Mom to you. With all my heart.