Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Post :D

Alright. Post numero uno! Excitement. 

Not too much has been going on right now. Basically catching up on doing art for the most part. I've been itching to do some photo-shoots and have one in August that is coming up and one in March. One engagement and one Wedding. Weeeee!
I have a Deviant Art account (CasperKitty) with a lot of my photos on there. I've been drawing and painting like crazy here lately so I have a huge amount to upload there. 

Gah! Every plant looks the same practically! And they each have a page of information, and this book is huge! And I don't mean by pages. Its wide and awkward trying to highlight and write notes. But only a few more sections (three I think) and I can move onto my smaller more compact book, that has tons of pages. Ehck, you win some you lose some.

Bahaha. Oh. I'm 19 years old so my life is going to be crazy! Ha-ha . . . no. Actually I live a pretty normal and quite life, being as I have no job and my mom had taken over my car. So basically I sit all day at home and paint. Yup. But Every once in a while something exciting must happen right? RIGHT! Tomorrow (January 13th 2012) a dear friend comes home! He is in the army and has been away to Iraq or somewhere near there for nine or so months. So yay reunited-ness!

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