Sunday, January 15, 2012

I know I can

I had one!

I am a somewhat talented girl. I can hold my own. And I can do whatever I want to in this life I have. I can become an artist or photographer. I could become president if I really wanted to! I am in college and working on writing a book. Slowly but surely. I do photography and draw and sing. I make my own clothes! I can do wonders and you know what? I don't need a stinking male to mess my groove up.

I mean don't get me wrong. I want a picket fence life style one day. But I'm Nineteen years old. I have so much ahead of me. And yeah I may think its slow now but everything will happen in due time. And even though I may be stuck in the house from 7am to 9pm alone isn't all a bad thing. I mean, I get to paint all day so I'm working on my art! And I can study. I can't complete my school tasks being as I don't have access to the internet at my mothers. But that's okay! I'll do the thousands of chores she gives me and then argue for the car so I can do homework at the library. Or I can wait til she gets home so she can hover over me -.-
Oh the joy of protective mothers.

But yes! This is AmberJean. Moving on and Being HAPPY.

Have you ever had a moment of sudden truth? Leave a comment saying your story.

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