Monday, January 23, 2012

Get to Know Me

I know I have a "about me" section on this here webbysite. But I thought maybe you'd like to know a little more about me! So everyday I'll give you some info and a story!

I am one out of nine.
Johnathan Lee - 35
Elizabeth Jo - 33
Jamie - 24?
Dean - 23
Jon - 21
Nathan - 20
Me - 19
Brittany Nichole - 15
Joshua Micheal - 13

There is one girl I have know since I was about 3 years old. Her name is Jessica. I can't remember if we met because we had our horses at the same barn or because her mother (Annie) introduced my Aunt Debbie to the lady she bought her horse Skipper (r.i.p.) from.
Now Jessica is only a year older then me. So we've grown very close and we call eachother sisters because we might as well have been. We have tons of amazingly hysterical stories. Eventually as we grew up we got comfortable with the fact that we are spazzes.

Story Time!

The Evil Furby. 

For Christmas my grandfather had given me a Santa Furby. I thought it was really cute and I carried with me where-ever I went. But just like any other toy a child gets, soon it was outdated and not fun anymore. So it just sat atop my tv. One night Jessica came over and we were doing whatever it was we did when we were nine and I heard a funny noise. We stopped and looked up and the Furby. It was talking but we hadn't touched it. I figured the batteries were faulty so I took it down stairs and gave it to dad. He removed the batteries and I took it back upstairs and placed it in a desk drawer. Me and Jessica continued playing when from no where. . .
"I'm Hungry!"
We were scared crappless! With the batteries out the creepy thing was still talking! So we built a pillow fort on the opposite side of the room, in-case it tried to eat our souls.
Luckily we were having a yard-sale soon, and as the man my dad is, he made sure that Furby was out of the house and it was sold on the first day of the yard-sale.
What my furby looked like,

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