Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome Home

Patrick in Iraq.

Whoooo! Today PFC Patrick Evans comes home from Texas/Iraq.
I haven't seen him since. . .ohhhh April?
He was supposed to be in around err well now ha. But he was smart and went ahead and got a hotel room at midnight (should have been sooner -.-). So I talked to his madre' (Rosemary) and he should be here in five hours. I must say I am a little nervous with seeing him since we had a slight falling out in July but high hopes and low expectations right?
But the photo above I found online last-night via Rosemary's Facebook. Took a while to scroll down. But with that big ol' cheesy grin of his I feel it was well worth it.
He looks so different. Ha, tan for one. But his skin is clearer, and from what he's told me he's gained a good ohhh 20lbs? Maybe more.
Anyways I'm happy he made it home safe!

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